Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional in Waterford looking to take your marketing to the next level?

Do you struggle with creating visually stunning content that grabs your audience's attention?

Look no further!

Photography Skills for Your Business course is designed specifically for business owners who want to learn how to take professional-quality photos that make their brand stand out.

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever to have visually appealing content to market your brand.

With this course, you'll learn how to take stunning photos that not only showcase your products or services,
but also capture your brand's unique style and message.

At the end of this course you will:

the importance of visual presence for your business
and practise photography fundamentals
how and where to use your images
product or service photoshoot planning and setup
design options with Canva
new skills and knowledge
Be able to
process, edit and store your RAW or JPEG images
common photography mistakes
photo opportunities in every moment


being able to create your own professional-quality photos that truly represent you.

With Photography Skills for Your Business course, you'll have the confidence to create content that sets your business apart from the competition and will be able to
create stunning visuals that engage your audience and help your business grow.

Session 1:
Photoshoot Plan & Set Up and Photography Fundamentals
Session 2:
Dos and Don’ts in Product and Service Photography
Session 3:
Post-Processing of Images and How Best to Use Them
Bonus Session
30-min Follow-up Zoom Call for One-on-one Support


One day a week,
over three weeks.
One session lasts 5 hours.

30-min Follow-up Zoom Call





funding may be available to eligible employed trainees and businesses. Contact Bara for more details.


Max 8 participants.


What is the Photography Skills for Your Business course?

The Photography Skills for Your Business course is a face to face training program designed for businesses to improve their visual presence and attract more clients through photography. It covers essential photography skills, including composition, lighting, and editing, as well as tips for creating engaging content and standing out in a crowded market. You will learn how to take better photos with any camera you have.
This course does not cover how to use your camera modes/settings or a smartphone. 

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is designed for businesses of any size and skill level who aim to enhance their visual impact and draw in more clients with better images. It's perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their photography skills.

What are the requirements?

– Participants must have access to a camera or a smartphone.

How long is the course?

This face-to-face course is presented one day a week over three weeks, lasting 5 hours per session in addition to a 30-min follow-up Zoom call for one-on-one support.

What materials are provided?

Each participant will receive printed notes, assignments, critique and review of images.

How much is it and how can I register?

The cost of this course is €399 – funding may be available to eligible employed trainees and businesses. Contact Bara for more details.

You can register your interest HERE.

What if I have more questions before signing up?

You can contact Bara here, by phone at 087 97 48 548, email at or by message on Facebook. She will reply to you within 48 hours and schedule a phone conversation to answer all your questions.

Philip Erskine
Business Development Manager at Grandville Hotel Waterford
"Bara was a star to work with from day one. We were a group of people with next to no knowledge about photography. Even when asked what we wanted to learn, we didn’t even know ourselves! Through the theory she explained some things to consider when we need to take a picture from the planning stage through to publishing. Bara showed us how we can easily use the tools at our disposal to take professional-looking photographs. Connecting the theory with a practical approach was the perfect way for us to learn.''
Niall Lonergan
CEO/Founder at Fyrefli
"I was lucky enough to sign up for Bara’s training class in photography. She took a bunch of us under her wing and by the end of the third week, we all left with great skills in photography after completing the Photography Skills for your Business course. She taught us so much and I will be forever grateful. Her knowledge of photography is second to none and I will be hiring Bara in the future both for training and photography. I cannot recommend Bara enough.''
Mary McGuinness
Founder of Mary's Digital Market
"I am providing this testimonial in response to my time spent with Bara Alich during my Photography Skills for your Business Course at the Marina Hotel back in September of this year, 2023. I myself am a Digital Marketer, and my business, "Mary's Digital Market," is a Digital Marketing service in Waterford, specializing in creating websites for small to medium-sized businesses, while also generating social media content for your business. In general, I provide all marketing assistance that your business requires—online and offline. I signed up for this course to gain basic photography skills with the mindset that I can progress, with the help of Bara, to a more advanced level of photography in the future. Personally, I feel the need to be proficient at photography to better assist my clients and reduce my reliance on generic material when creating reels/posts, etc. I found this course to be both educational and enjoyable, serving as a real kickstart into the world of photography. Bara is an excellent tutor, and the course is very easy to follow, offering lots of hints and steps to improve your photos in general. I also met like-minded business people, eager to learn just like me, and the atmosphere is both friendly and informal, yet still very professional. I would recommend this course, and I do intend to sign up next year for the more advanced DSLR Course. Bara is very welcoming and patient in her approach, and I would recommend her tuition to anyone looking to improve or indeed begin their photography journey. Thank you, Bara!''
Martina Avery
Founder of Inside Out Wellness
"My name is Martina from Inside Out Wellness. I am a yoga teacher and nutritional therapist. I took Bara’s course in September and enjoyed every minute of it. It was very detailed and suitable for everyone including absolute beginners in photography. I learnt how to take photos that represent my business and what I have to offer, that will stand out in social media. For me this will help personalise my offerings and show my authenticity through the photos that I take. I feel I know so much more about how to take a good photo and how to capture exactly what I want from it. The course was set at a nice pace and we also got a chance to get to know other businesses which was very interesting. I met some really wonderful people that like me were beginners and needed to learn more about taking good photos that looked professional for their businesses. I would highly recommend Bara’s course. She puts a lot of work into personalising the course for your business needs.''
Don't wait to enhance your photography skills


– 3 face-to-face sessions lasting 5 hours each

– a 30-minute follow-up Zoom call for one-on-one support to help you with any questions
or challenges you may face

– printed notes covering everything you'll learn in the course

– image critique and assignments to help you practice and improve your skills