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Bara is a multi-award winning contemporary portrait photographer and a qualified tutor with over 12 years’ experience of running a successful photography studio. She offers private and group courses for photography enthusiasts and businesses around Waterford and Kilkenny County.


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The Creative Photography Eye: Unleashing Your Inner Artist
Get ready to unleash your inner artist and take your photography skills to the next level! Discover new techniques enhancing your creativity and developing your unique photographic vision. With this guided and hands-on course you'll learn to see the world in a whole new way and be ready to capture the most important life moments.
Get ready to take your first steps into the world of digital photography with this hands-on course designed specifically for beginners. You'll learn about your camera and lenses, as well as essential techniques such as aperture mode, shutter mode, and manual mode. In addition, you'll discover the basics of photo editing to help you enhance your images and bring your creative vision to life. Through a series of practical exercises, you'll gain valuable experience and develop your skills to improve your photography both in-camera and in post-processing.
Discover the power of photography for your business! With this course, you'll learn how to enhance your visual presence and attract more clients. Develop the skills and confidence you need to take your business to stand out!

Photography Tutor in Waterford and Kilkenny County

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What Course Students Say

Photography Basics and DSLR For Beginners
"Thank you Bara for an amazing photography and camera course. You made everything so easy to understand and to ask questions. It was a very friendly environment where everyone was willing to help and encourage each other. I loved the day in the park and our outings to Kilkenny and Coast of Waterford, where we got to use our camera and use what we learned with amazing beaches and scenery. I would highly recommend you as a teacher. You are amazing and it was a pleasure to be in your group. I am forever grateful for your kindness and helping me on my journey to explore photography."
Photography Basics and DSLR For Beginners
''Photography may seem easy, after all it's only taking a picture, especially with the right camera, or so I thought! I bought the camera but realistically I couldn't capture the photos I wanted to create so I mostly put my camera on AUTO to take photos. Then opportunity arouse for me to do a course in photography with Bara and it was the best step forward for me. Bara had step by step instructions how to use the various modes, it was also clearly laid out and she then guided us through the steps and then brought us out to practice what we had learned. Bara also analysed and gave feedback on the photos to make sure we had followed the steps and created the photos she had set out. It was a fantastic learning experience over the 4 weeks, nothing was rushed all questions were answered to the best of her ability and I gained a better understanding of my camera and the ability to use the various functions. A camera is an amazing tool to create pictures in different lights, moving objects and precious memories to last a lifetime. Through the Photography Course with Bara, she gave me a new insight and perspective to photography. I have gained more knowledge and skills to create not just a picture but a masterpiece of my own making. I have also learned that the skill of photography is also acquired by practice and not by purchase. Thank You Bara for a Fantastic Learning Experience.''