The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children

The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. (Unknown)

Karen and Maryann are very close. As every mom and daughter, they have special relationship and I was lucky to capture that. Have a look at what Karen said about their ‘Beauty session’ with me.

“My Mum, Maryann and I, have a wonderful relationship. She’s not only my mother, but a wonderful grandmother to my two boys and she’s also my best friend who I can always rely and depend  on. I think as a girl gets older, she appreciates her mother more – when you leave the teenage years behind, have children of your own and experience probably the same things your mother did in her child rearing years.
Bara Alich Photography

So, every Mum and daughter bickers every now and again – but it’s allowed and usually we look back and laugh at it. My mother is a very strong woman, with great empathy towards people, extremely kind (she can’t say no) and just loves people. She’s all about family, from her own brothers, sisters and her very sadly missed own mother, to her own family, my dad,  my brother, my husband and I and our kids.

Bara Alich PhotographyI wanted to capture  a photo of Mum and I together, to have as a keepsake. Talking to Bara made me realize she wanted an understanding of the two of us, our relationship, what makes us happy. I was confident and comfortable knowing she was taking this approach. Despite a few nerves and not knowing how the photos would turn out, we were instantly at ease with Bara, Lorraine and Yvonne on hair and make-up duties. To be a busy working mum and get your hair and make up done with a cup of strong coffee and no distractions! Heaven!!!

The shoot was fun, we laughed a lot and being a ‘make-up and fashion’ girl, I enjoyed dressing up, trying on beautiful jewellery. My mum generally doesn’t wear make-up but she loved the glam look.

 The day I saw the pictures I cried. They really were fantastic and reminded me of a fabulous day. Bara captured more than I could have imagined, while we were laughing she was busy preparing for ‘the shot’.

Bara Alich Photography

Every woman has hang ups about how she looks, double chin, a few extra pounds etc, but Bara knows how to bring out the best, most flattering and happiest shot, one I’m very proud to have hanging up on my wall. Now just to get my husband to actually hang it up – does Bara do DIY!!!!!”

I am so happy with the photos for Karen and her mom, I can really feel the love when looking at them. Here is a behind the scenes video from the shoot, it always makes me smile.

Hair: Yvonne Burke
Make up: Lorraine
Styling and jewellery: Sparkle Closet and Hallmark Jewellers

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