Gold, diamonds and woman’s beauty – Beauty session with Hallmark Jewellers & An Siopa

A long time ago, when I started taking portraits, I knew that it’s the moment, the expression, the personality I wanted to capture. I loved to see them looking at their images and feel happy all over again, just as they were in their photographs.

Later I discovered that I can do more. As I took photos of women like me, I was amazed to discover how important it is for us women to feel good about ourselves. I could see the changes in their self-image, their body language, their growing confidence and their inner light, shining out more and more. That encouraged me to continue taking photos, and this post is about one of my recent photo-shoots where I met Jessika.

Jessika recently celebrated her 27th birthday, she works at Hallmark Jewellers in Waterford City centre.
They are the diamond specialists for engagement rings and wedding bands in the south east. For our shoot we also used some beautiful jewellery from their sister shop An Siopa, which is a hidden gem in Waterford city: they offer antique pieces and specialize in coloured stone diamond rings and a large selection of pearls. When I asked Jessika what she thought was the most beautiful thing about her, she mentioned her eyes and her positive personality.

We picked the best jewellery for the styling. She looked amazing with this cultured pearl white gold & diamond necklace.
Bara Alich Photography
We had great fun changing outfits and styles.
Bara Alich Photography
Jessika wished to have elegant black and white portrait.
Bara Alich Photography
We had a fantastic day and I am very grateful for the opportunity to shoot with such a high class businesses and to Jessika, who was very helpful and open to my ideas. I also made a little behind-the-scenes video so you can have a look at what it’s like to have a beauty session with me.